Ruth in her garden with dierama

At our July meeting we welcomed Ruth Plant who holds one of only 3 UK National Collections of Dierama or ‘Angel’s Fishing Rods’, and her garden at Haughton near Stafford is open under the NGS ‘Yellow Book’ Scheme. She explained how these graceful plants which originate from KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa were introduced to this country and can grow well here. There are many different types and colours, not just pink, some of which self-seed happily although others can be a challenge – but always worth it! She gave us advice on how to look after and propagate them whilst enjoying their delights.

After Ruth’s talk she drew our raffle then members and guests purchased young specimens that she had brought along to grow at home. We also had a separate table with more kindly donated books, magazines, seeds and a few plants for everybody to browse as they enjoyed their refreshments. Although it was a warm evening, it wasn’t as hot as the subsequent heatwave which has been a challenge to everybody. Some indoor vegetables even spent a few days outside in the shade where it was fractionally cooler!

Chillies ready for harvesting
Plum tomatoes reluctant to ripen
Midi cucumber